List of smoking bans wordwide

Currently there are 66 countries listed in the database. Please click on a country to see details.

Country Flag Continent Federal
Workplace Gastronomy
Argentina Argentina South America
Armenia Armenia Europe
Australia Australia Australia
Austria Austria Europe
Bahrain Bahrain Southwest Asia
Bangladesh Bangladesh Asia
Belgium Belgium Europe
Bermuda Bermuda North America
Bhutan Bhutan Asia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Europa
Brazil Brazil South America
Chile Chile South America
China China Asien
Denmark Denmark Europe
Germany Germany Europe
Estonia Estonia Europe
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Europe
Finland Finland Europe
France France Europe
Greece Greece Europe
United Kingdom United Kingdom Europe
Hong Kong Hong Kong Asia
India India Asia
Indonesia Indonesia Asia
Iran Iran Asien
Ireland Ireland Europe
Iceland Iceland Europe
Israel Israel Asien
Italy Italy Europe
Japan Japan Asia
Canada Canada North America
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Asia
Kenya Kenya Africa
Colombia Colombia South America
Croatia Croatia Europe
Cuba Cuba North America
Latvia Latvia Europe
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Europe
Luxembourg Luxembourg Europe
Malaysia Malaysia Asia
Malta Malta Europe
Macedonia Macedonia Europe
Mexico Mexico North America
Monaco Monaco Europe
Montenegro Montenegro Europe
Mozambique Mozambique Africa
New Zealand New Zealand Australia
Netherlands Netherlands Europe
Nigeria Nigeria Africa
Norway Norway Europe
Peru Peru South America
Portugal Portugal Europe
Russia Russia Europe
Sweden Sweden Europe
Switzerland Switzerland Europe
Singapore Singapore Asia
Slovenia Slovenia Europe
Spain Spain Europe
Turkey Turkey Asia
Thailand Thailand Southwest Asia
Czech Republic Czech Republic Europe
Hungary Hungary Europe
Uruguay Uruguay South America
USA USA North America
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Asia
Cyprus Cyprus Europe

Details for Gastronomy
Smoking Ban
Smoking Ban   Smoking Ban, Smoking Rooms allowed
Smoking Ban, Smoking Rooms allowed
No Smoking Ban
No Smoking Ban   Smoking Ban with exceptions
Smoking Ban with exceptions
    Smoking Ban with Exceptions, Smoking Rooms allowed
Smoking Ban with Exceptions, Smoking Rooms allowed

Currently a smoking ban for 66 countries is listed in the database.

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. Some countries have a lot of exceptions for smoking bans especially for restaurants etc. In cases where this exceptions in our opinion effect the general effectivness of the smoking ban or if the smoking ban rules are not effective nationwide the country is listed as "without smoking ban" in the respective area.

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